California Paves Way for More ADUs

New California Housing Laws As part of its response to California’s housing crisis, the Legislature passed a handful of new laws that further limit local regulation of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. The Legislature’s goal is to accelerate ADU development throughout the State. Historically, an ADU is usually a second small residence on the same grounds as a single-family home, such as a back house...

$1-billion plan for North Hollywood station takes shape

When Los Angeles’ Red Line subway was completed in 2000, its northernmost station appeared desolate above ground. People arriving in North Hollywood on the underground train rode up a grand escalator past tile murals to find themselves on an expanse of asphalt parking lots, where commuters could rush through free of temptation to linger over so much as a cup of coffee. It looked like what it was —...

Millennials finally get housing market break

Starter homes are slowly making a comeback.Builders are heading back to the market due to the “tight supply of affordable homes, and a relatively large increase in their price,” Matthew Pointon, property economist at Capital Economics, wrote from New York.Starter homes are the entry-level dwellings that younger people, typically in their late 20s and early 30s, look to buy. They generally cost about...

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