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Investment Opportunities

Alta Mira Realty specializes in Opportunity Funds targeted to Opportunity Zone designated areas in greater Los Angeles County.

Opportunity Zones are census tract designations created by local, state and federal governments for the sole purpose of stimulating economic growth and development.

Investment vehicles such as Opportunity Funds were created in 2017 as part of Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts as a way to incentivize investment stimulation in those targeted communities.



Probate investment can be a delicate venture. As an acquisition strategy, Alta Mira Realty has a proven record of handling such opportunities in sensitive climates with tact and understanding.

While expertly handling the probate process from Executor negotiation through court proceedings and legal documents we have the knowledge and resources to secure and close the deal.



Real estate auctions offer a variety of properties at different price points and include everything from single family homes, multi-family units, distressed and commercial properties to the sale of real estate notes.

This is a quick process where undervalued properties are sold to the public through competitive bidding. The benefits of purchasing at auction include expanding your options and acquiring at a discount.

Let Alta Mira Realty partner with you to decipher the pros and cons of buying at auction. We expertly identify potential investment risk factors and optimize profit potential.


Short Sales

A Short Sale, by definition, is a payoff agreement that the lender has accepted that is less than what’s owed on the property. This means that this can be an amazing investment strategy. This also means that Short Sales are in great demand as an investment vehicle.

In the past this process was long and time consuming to complete. Today it is far easier to get a Short Sale package approved relatively quickly.

As industry leaders, Alta Mira Realty has the knowledge, resources and capabilities to identify distressed properties for sale. Whether through canvasing and marketing to target areas, working with local banks and pinpointing NMLS listings, we have you covered.


Residential and Multi-Unit Development

As a full-scale real estate investment company, Alta Mira Realty partners with our sister-company, Obsidian Development, LLC.

Obsidian Development, LLC built its foundation on generating high-yielding value by producing quality projects with demonstrated product knowledge. Their primary focus is on the development and rehabilitation of multi-unit residential and duplex properties.

With hundreds of units constructed in the Los Angeles area, they design their properties to meet the needs of the urban modern family. From contemporary architecture to open living spaces to stylish and practical amenities, Obsidian Development, LLC specializes in Southern California’s market.

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